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How much BARF food do I give my dog?


Creating a completely accurate and valid BARF diet quantity table for each dog is very difficult. Because? Simple. Because the ideal amount for each dog is highly variable and will depend on several factors.


In particular, we must pay attention to 2 criteria to calculate the perfect amount of BARF food : the weight of your pet and its activity level. But, in addition, it is interesting to attend to other issues, such as your race, age, if you are at your ideal weight, if you have previous pathologies, etc.


Calculate the BARF diet for your dog


So to help you calculate easily and very quickly, we’ll give you the NATURCANIN CALCULATOR. You just have to enter the weight range in which your dog is and the level of activity that he has and that’s it!


Then, stop by our store and choose the BARF diet menu that you like the most.

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If you want to send us the information so that Naturcanin can carry out a study on the ideal diet for your pet, check the top option "Accept to send email" and fill in the field with your email so that we can contact you again, the data will only be used to study the ideal diet for your pet.

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